What is GliaLab?

A research lab and startup launched with a mission to become the first company that will bring together a tandem of young and under-resourced scientists and researchers to work together and utilize machine learning and computer vision to revolutionize medicine.


Thousands of women are misdiagnosed with breast cancer every year. This usually leads to death or enormous treatment costs. In the US alone, false-positive mammograms and overdiagnosis of breast cancer among women ages 40 to 59 cost $4 billion in health-care spending annually..

Our solution

altOP - A second opinion diagnostic software assistant that gives users a much cheaper, faster and more accurate way to diagnose breast cancer from mammography and fine needle aspiration. Our development focuses on the use of machine learning and computer vision to efficiently, quickly and accurately diagnose and classify breast cancer.


Healthcare professionals and women over 40. The American Cancer Society recommends that average-risk women should undergo annual screening mammography beginning at 40 years of age and continue with annual screening. Major health organizations worldwide have agreed on similar standards and women around the world follow them.


150+ million mammography examinations performed annually. Over the past 5 years, the number of exams performed annually has grown by 17.4%, suggesting that breast cancer awareness is still on the rise. Given that there are around 3.5 billion women in the world, this number is set to rise steadily.

What makes altOP unique?

Why is our product different from everything else on the market?

Most of the entities tackling breast cancer are focused on expensive hardware, molecular testing, blood tests, MR imaging and specific techniques that are not well-accepted by general medical professionals and require more studies. Moreover, they are not so affordable for patients and are often focused on later stages of breast cancer diagnosis. On the other hand, we are creating an affordable solution that can easily be implemented by professionals and patients at the earliest stages of breast cancer diagnosis and adapted to existing technologies, so we can make a significant contribution to breast cancer diagnosis without pressuring others to make drastic changes in their practices. What is more, our platform is compatible with different desktop and portable devices, giving everyone the opportunity to have an efficient second opinion tool whenever and wherever they need it.


GliaLab Achieves Milestone Using Artificial Intelligence in Breast Cancer Detection



Passionate people with diverse backgrounds and experience who share a vision and common belief that we can make a massive impact using deep learning to improve the human race.
Rachel James Johnes
Abu Qader
Interesting: Abu is the recipient of the Fifty for the Future® Award from Illinois Technology Foundation.

Contact: abu@glialab.com

Rachel James Johnes
Vedad Mešanović
Interesting: Vedad helps entrepreneurs from developing countries launch startups, free of charge.

Contact: vedad@glialab.com

Rachel James Johnes
Chris Mone
Interesting: While working at a large global publicly traded firm, Chris was responsible for the more than $150 million in revenue and $27 billion in assets.

Contact: chris@glialab.com

What do you want to be remembered for?

We are actively looking for talented individuals, mentors and partners interested in working with us or supporting our mission. Even though we will consider every application equally, we suggest that you find someone in your network who we trust and ask them to recommend you. Difficult? Maybe. Worth it? Definitely.