Building the future of intelligent and accessible medicine

Smart solutions

Developing advanced and highly flexible algorithms for medical analysis and interpretation by utilizing cutting-edge deep learning technologies and other advanced solutions.

Data-driven infrastructure

Building intuitive and data-driven products that are complementary to physicians and their professional efforts of saving lives and delivering efficient and accurate diagnostic decisions.

Stable compatibility

Creating affordable platforms that are compatible with different desktop and portable devices, giving everyone the opportunity to have an efficient AI solution whenever and wherever they need it.

Thousands of women are misdiagnosed with breast cancer every year. This usually leads to death or enormous treatment costs. GliaLab’s Nazako CAD System is using machine learning and computer vision to efficiently, quickly and accurately diagnose and classify breast cancer at the earliest stages of diagnosis.

Our Philosophy

We envision a future where humans and machines are working together with a goal of saving lives and solving some of the world’s greatest challenges. Our mission revolves around developing smart technology allowing physicians to make accurate and efficient clinical decisions in a matter of seconds by using intelligent healthcare solutions built to support their work and enhance their capabilities while delivering world-class healthcare to everyone who needs it.

Computer science

We are eager to help millions of people receive fast, reliable and accurate diagnosis by using revolutionary technology to automatically detect and diagnose medical conditions.

World-class healthcare

Using innovation and blockchain technology to create and deliver affordable tools providing world-class healthcare to every patient, large and small clinic around the world.

Cost-effective Engine

Implementing advanced and personalized platforms powered by GliaCoins allowing healthcare providers to improve patient care while saving time and money.

O’Reilly AI Conference

Fireside chat with Peter Norvig (Google) and Abu Qader (GliaLab)

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GliaLab team joins XPRIZE

147 Teams Announced in $5M IBM Watson AI XPRIZE

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Google I/O 2017

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, presents our story and talks about our co-founder.

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