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Passionate about humanity

Months of progress

  • Great to meet Abu Qader today at #io17. I’m so inspired by his story of using TensorFlow to help others.

    Sundar Pichai - CEO at Google Inc.
  • The mission is super compelling and caught my attention, and as I started digging in, I said, 'I have to meet this guy'

    Rick Desai - Partner at Listen Ventures (speaking to DNAInfo)
  • The idea that we can save lives and build revolutionary technology that will positively impact humanity is something that literally keeps us awake at night.

    Vedad Mešanović - Head of Operations
  • At GliaLab, we are realizing our vision of how our transformative AI technology will deliver innovative solutions from improving cancer diagnosis to helping people improve their everyday lives.

    Chris Mone - Principal

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