People representing the spirit of our company.


Board of directors

Passionate people with diverse backgrounds and experience who share a vision and a common belief that we can make a massive impact using AI to improve the human race.

Chris Mone

Chief Executive Officer

Established corporate executive, investor and a serial entrepreneur.

Abu Qader

Chief Technology Officer

Award-winning developer, a robotics team captain, international speaker and a recognized AI scientist.

Vedad Mešanović

Head of Operations

Startup advisor, CESA ambassador and the award-winning project manager.


Meet our Advisory Board

Established individuals passionate about solving problems and making this world a better place for generations to come.

Frank Heidt

Cyber Security Advisor

CEO at Leviathan Security with experience coming from entities like the Department of Defense.

Dr. John Procaccino, M.D

Medical Advisor

In Castle Connolly’s estimation, Dr. Procaccino is among the top 1% in the nation in his specialty.

Frank S. Ioppolo, Jr.

Chief Legal Advisor

Managing partner at the Ioppolo Law Group, law and lobbying firm, award-winning lawyer and a recognized leader.

We are actively looking for talented individuals, mentors and partners interested in working with us or supporting our mission. Even though we will consider every application equally, we suggest that you find someone in your network who we trust and ask them to recommend you. Difficult? Maybe. Worth it? Definitely.

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