People representing the spirit of our company.


Board of directors

Passionate people with diverse backgrounds and experience who share a vision and a common belief that we can make a massive impact using AI to improve the human race.

Chris Mone


Established corporate executive, investor and a serial entrepreneur.

Abu Qader

Chief Technology Officer

Award-winning developer and a robotics team captain.

Vedad Mešanović

Head of Operations

Startup advisor and award-winning project manager.


Our fantastic family

Experienced group of scientists and developers passionate about changing the world and building technology that will save lives and enhance human beings.

Belal Chaudhary

Data Scientist & ML Developer

Established computer scientist with experience coming from institutes like Cancer Research UK Cambridge.

Alexander Sickert

Full Stack Developer

Talented computer scientist and a tech consultant with proven management experience.

Chirag Agarwal

Head of Computer Vision

PhD candidate at the University of Chicago with experience coming from entities like Geisinger Health System.

Elaine Onuegbe

Front-end Intern

A highly motivated biology graduate from Cal State East Bay with outstanding skills in web technologies.

Ashwin Krishnaswami

Computer Vision Developer

Experienced computer vision developer and a previous teaching assistant at the University of Illinois.

Sneha Sarasani

Biomedical Data Scientist

Inspiring individual with rich experience coming from different established labs and healthcare entities.

We are actively looking for talented individuals, mentors and partners interested in working with us or supporting our mission. Even though we will consider every application equally, we suggest that you find someone in your network who we trust and ask them to recommend you. Difficult? Maybe. Worth it? Definitely.

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